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Smoky Mountain

The Calderwood facility is located in Blount and Monroe counties, Tennessee, on the Little Tennessee River. The Calderwood facility was completed in 1930 and consists of a dam, powerhouse and a pipeline/ tunnel. Calderwood Dam impounds Calderwood Reservoir. About half of Calderwood Reservoir lies in Tennessee, the remainder extends back into North Carolina. Calderwood, like Cheoah and Chilhowee, is operated in a run-of-river mode, following the daily cycle, peaking operations of the Tennessee Valley Authority's (TVA) Fontana Dam located upstream.

Please note:
Water release schedules often change without notice due to unanticipated changes in weather conditions and power system requirements.
Use caution near dams. A large amount of water may be discharged without warning at any time. Your safety depends on obeying all posted safety regulations and warnings.

Elevation and Flow Data
Lake Elevation (ft) 1083.25
Discharge into Cheoah River (cfs) 26.36184
Discharge into Little Tennessee River (CFS) 26.36184
Feet Below Full Pool -4.55
As of August 17, 2018 at 7:24:25 PM
Day Generators
8/17/2018 midnight - 7am 1
8/17/2018 7am - 7pm 2 or more
8/17/2018 7pm - midnight 0
8/18/2018 midnight - 12am 1
8/18/2018 12am - 12pm 0
8/18/2018 12pm - 6pm 2 or more
8/18/2018 6pm - midnight 0