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We operate the world’s largest independently owned hydroelectric portfolio, which consists of 218 hydroelectric generation facilities located on 84 river systems across North and South America. We support our assets with fully developed, local operating platforms and in-house power marketing, operations and development expertise. Other important drivers of value are the geographic diversity of our asset base, our centralized control systems, and our resource optimization processes, which enable us to sell and store power during peak and off-peak periods. These qualities, combined with the high barriers to entry of the hydro sector, strengthen our competitive position.

  • Brookfield-Isagen
    Isagen, Colombia

    In 2016, we acquired Colombia’s third-largest power generation portfolio, based primarily on hydro and accounting for roughly 20 percent of the country’s generation. This investment was possible because of our ability to be patient over a lengthy sale process, along with our underwriting capabilities, and hydro expertise.

  • Brookfield-Holtwood
    Holtwood, U.S.

    In 2016, we acquired this portfolio of two hydro stations in Pennsylvania with 296 megawatts of installed capacity, enough to power more than 100,000 homes annually. Holtwood benefits from synergies with our 417 megawatt Safe Harbor facility, as well as a diverse revenue stream, long-term operating licenses and a market that is facing significant coal retirements and relying increasingly on renewables.

  • Brookfield-SafeHarbor
    Safe Harbor, U.S.

    In 2014, we acquired the 417 megawatt Safe Harbor hydroelectric generating facility in Pennsylvania. One of the largest conventional hydroelectric facilities in the U.S., it generates an average of 1.1 million megawatt-hours annually, enough to power about 100,000 homes. It has storage capabilities to dispatch during peaking hours and benefits from multiple revenue streams including energy, capacity, ancillaries and renewable energy credits.

  • Brookfield-SmokyMountain
    Smoky Mountain, U.S.

    Acquired in 2012, our Smoky Mountain portfolio consists of four hydro facilities in Tennessee and North Carolina with nearly 380 megawatts of combined capacity and 86 miles of transmission infrastructure. Located in one of the highest load-growth areas in the U.S., it is positioned to benefit from planned coal retirements. The four plants can be operated as daily peaking facilities and have among the lowest operating costs in the region.

  • Brookfield-Kokish
    Kokish River, Canada
    In 2012, Brookfield Renewable and the ‘Namgis First Nation partnered to develop this 45-megawatt, run-of-river hydroelectric project on Vancouver Island, which came into operation in 2014 and generates enough energy to power 10,000 households annually. Governed by both partners’ shared respect for culture, land and aquatic resources, the project received a 2015 Sustainable Electricity Award from the Canadian Electricity Association.


As one of the fastest-growing renewable technologies, wind power provides an important complement to our core hydro portfolio. We developed and commissioned our first wind project in 2006 and today own, operate and invest in over 100 wind facilities with an installed capacity of more than 4,400 megawatts. In building our wind business we have focused on attractive power markets in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

  • Brookfield-Kilgarvan
    Irish Wind, Ireland
    In 2014, we established our European wind platform with the acquisition of a wind portfolio from the Government of Ireland, consisting of 17 wind projects with over 325 megawatts of operating capacity, as well as a significant development portfolio. This investment benefits from some of the strongest onshore wind resources in Europe and long-term, government-backed contracts.
  • brookfield-renewable-wind-terraform-bahia
    TerraForm Global, Brazil
    In 2017 we acquired TerraForm Global, a 952 megawatt globally diversified wind and solar portfolio located in key growth markets. Through this transaction we expanded our wind presence in Brazil and established a foothold in India and China’s attractive, high-growth renewables markets.    


We are owners, operators and investors of a globally diversified portfolio of solar plants. We have over 1,400 megawatts of utility-scale solar plants in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Solar is one of the fastest-growing sources of renewable energy, and has benefited from declining costs and improved productivity over the last decade. It is a technology with high cash margins, diverse and scalable applications, and plays an increasingly important role in global power grids as countries move to decarbonize their economies.

TerraForm Power, U.S.
In 2017, we acquired a 51% interest in TerraForm Power, a publicly traded renewable power company with a large-scale and diversified portfolio of 2,600 megawatts of contracted wind, solar and distributed generation portfolio located predominantly in the United States. Its high-quality assets have a long useful life remaining, and its cash flows are underpinned by long-term contracts with creditworthy off-takers.

Distributed Generation

We invest in a 400 megawatt commercial and industrial distributed generation portfolio – one of the largest portfolios in the United States. Distributed generation refers to any localized generation, and allows consumers to directly access generation at the point of consumption. We are developing our capabilities in this fast-growing but highly fragmented market, giving us access to customers directly, and creating an alignment of values with off-takers who value sustainability as a core attribute.

Distributed Generation, U.S.
Through our interest in TerraForm Power, we are investors in a fast-growing commercial and industrial distributed generation business in North America. This portfolio includes the 4.5 megawatt distributed solar generation project at a Californian high school, which utilizes both rooftop and parking canopy shade systems to make full use of the available area in order to locally generate solar power.


We own and operate and invest in nearly 2,700 megawatts of pumped hydro and battery storage facilities across the U.S. and U.K. Our portfolio today is primarily comprised of pumped storage facilities. Pumped storage assets act as the world’s largest “rechargeable batteries” and represent the most cost-effective way to store large amounts of potential electrical energy. They are able to produce electricity at peak times while replenishing themselves during periods of lower pricing and demand. Due to these unique attributes, pumped storage facilities play an important role in the electrical grid.

Storage, U.S.

The 600 megawatt Jack Cockwell hydroelectric storage generating station on the Deerfield River in northern Massachusetts is one of only two of its kind in New England. The facility sells energy and capacity into wholesale markets, and plays an important role in providing flexibility and stability to the electrical grid.