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Who Is Brookfield Renewable?

Brookfield Renewable owns and operates one of the world’s largest renewable power portfolios including over 840 renewable power facilities in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia, with a combined installed capacity of 17,400 megawatts.

In the United States, our solar, wind and hydropower facilities generate approximately 26 billion kWh of clean and renewable power in 29 states, enough electricity to power 3 million homes.*

AVAILABLE SOON: Brookfield Renewable will soon offer flexible retail renewable power solutions across Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania to commercial and industrial users. Please contact us for further information.

Products & Benefits


We provide flexible terms and volumes to ensure that your renewable solution is tailored to your organization's own objectives and sustainability goals. We plan on providing products with fixed or variable pricing and for terms of 1 to 5 years, all backed by our local renewable power facilities. By leveraging our facilities, we can offer a local solution that bundles solar, wind and hydropower from your area to offer a truly balanced mix of renewable technologies.

Local Solutions with Meaningful Benefits
Our renewable power solutions help achieve your sustainability goals by:
  •  Relating your energy purchase to the facilities that are generating your supply
  •  Avoiding fossil fuels on the grid with 100% renewable power
  •  Reducing your scope II emissions with clean, reliable energy
  •  Making a difference in local communities through our partnerships 
     with non-profit and community projects.

Sustainability & Community

Our renewable power contributes to the sustainable development of our economy in ways that extend beyond clean energy. Our involvement in the communities where we live and work is a true testament to the importance we place on social responsibility. Each year, we partner with communities and contribute to projects in areas near our operations.

To Brookfield Renewable, Sustainability is:
  • Partnering with over 350 charities and community projects across North America
  • Promoting a strong health and safety culture
  • Operating with the highest ethical standards
  • Offering over 400 recreational areas
  • Facilitating whitewater rafting and kayaking

Contact Us

Interested in learning more? Contact us today to discuss what renewable solutions are available in your area.

*Including assets owned and operated by TerraForm Power, a subsidiary of Brookfield Asset Management