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Brookfield Renewable owns most of Lake Wallenpaupack’s shoreline and uses sound land management practices to help protect the quality of the lake’s water and the natural beauty of the shoreline.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) granted its most recent license to Lake Wallenpaupack in 2005.

We are responsible for protecting the environmental, recreational, cultural, scenic and power production resources of the project. 

We strive to balance the needs of these resources along the 52 miles of shoreline it owns around Lake Wallenpaupack. We also recognize that adjacent property owners, local residents and businesses, other users, and the environmental resources of the area are all important factors when making decisions affecting the use and access of the project lands and waters.
Permits for land and water uses

To meet our federal obligations, we require front-lot property owners to obtain permits for land and water uses that are on Lake Wallenpaupack’s property. 

Permits are issued for:
  • Buoys
  • Docks
  • Earth moving
  • Floats
  • Land
  • Vegetation removal
To view what is permitted and not permitted on our property, please see our Public Lake Use and Shoreline Use Permitting Policy, Standard Application, Non-Standard Application and Frequently Asked Questions. For any questions, contact the Lake Office at 1-877-775-5253