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The Wallenpaupack hydroelectric plant is powered by the water contained by a 1,280-foot-long and 70-foot-high dam, which creates the popular 5,700-acre Lake Wallenpaupack. The lake has many benefits beyond clean, renewable electricity generation. 

Electricity Generation

The generation process begins when water from the bottom of the lake flows into a 14-foot-wide pipe called a flow line.

The water travels 3.5 miles through the flow line to the power plant where it spins two turbines as it rushes past them. The turbines spin within each of the two generators to create 44 megawatts of electricity, which is enough power for about 35,000 typical homes. As the water exits the power plant, it flows into the nearby Lackawaxen River.

The ability of generation plants like Wallenpaupack to quickly respond to increases in electrical demand or fill in for large plants helps reduce stress on the electricity grid. Brookfield Renewable can also use the hydroelectric plant to manage lake levels in support of recreation or flood control, and to provide water to the Lackawaxen River in support of boating or fish habitat.

The lake also serves as a flood control resource for the Lackawaxen and Delaware rivers. The lake’s ability to hold water and store it for gradual release at an appropriate time helps to limit the effects of flooding downstream. We manage the lake level, in accordance with our FERC license, to support recreational uses and provide the maximum water-storage capability at times when flooding is most likely to occur.

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Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship