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Smoky Mountain

Tallassee Fund Board

The Tallassee Fund was established through the Tapoco Project Relicensing Settlement Agreement which was adopted and approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in its relicensing order dated January 25, 2005, which granted a 40-year license, effective March 1, 2005. The Licensee, Smoky Mountain Hydro, is required to provide $100,000 per year (in inflation-adjusted dollars) to the Fund for each of the 40 years of the license. The Tallassee Fund Board is to be comprised of one representative each from the following entities: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Forest Service, Great Smoky Mountains National Park (a unit of the National Park Service), the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, The Nature Conservancy, the National Parks Conservation Association, the Tennessee Clean Water Network, and American Rivers. Smoky Mountain Hydro serves as an advisory member of the Board. 

Current Board Members 

Requests for Proposals 

The purpose of the Tallassee Fund is to finance natural resource stewardship activities including, but not limited to: 

  1. Threatened and endangered species recovery efforts 
  2. Ecosystem enhancements and restoration 
  3. Management and control of exotic species 
  4. Environmental outreach and education 
directly related to the Project and non-Project lands in Tennessee currently owned by the Licensee, to mitigate the continuing environmental and social impacts associated with the operation of the Project. It is the intent of the Parties to limit its mitigation and enhancement projects to the sites in the Little Tennessee River or on the adjacent watershed of the Little Tennessee River in Tennessee, and only for projects directly or indirectly related to the effects of Project operations.

The Tallassee Fund Board meets in the 4th quarter of each year to decide on appropriate projects and project funding priorities for the subsequent year. At this annual meeting, the Board shall also review the implementation and status of activities previously approved for funding.

The Tallassee Fund Board creates a “seed source” of monies that can be combined with other contributions to expand the scope of possible accomplishments. Accordingly, the Board will seek to combine funds from sources other than the Licensee to fund projects selected each year. Proposals for funding may be submitted by any entity, including universities, non-profit organizations, state or federal agencies, federally recognized Tribes, individuals or corporations. 

Tallassee Fund Bylaws
Appointment of Fiduciary and Delegation of Authority
Map of the Tallassee Fund Project Area
2016 Request for Proposals