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Santeetlah Dam is located in Graham County, North Carolina, on the Cheoah River. The Santeetlah facility was completed in 1928, and consists of a dam, pipeline/tunnel and powerhouse. Santeetlah Dam impounds Santeetlah Reservoir.

The Santeetlah facility is operated as a storage impoundment in accordance with an annual operating curve, which establishes target seasonal reservoir levels.

Currently Santeetlah Reservoir is operated to maintain high recreational elevations during the summer months, followed by fall drawdown to allow for collection of rainfall and run-off during the late fall, winter, and early spring. The current operating curve was developed to also provide protection and enhancement for a variety of other resources and uses, including aquatic species and habitat, water quality, reservoir wetlands, archaeological sites, and scenic appearance throughout the year.

Santeetlah Dam releases flows into the Cheoah River according to a regular schedule. These flows are based on average daily inflow from the preceding three months. The intent of these flows is the protection, enhancement, and restoration of Cheoah River aquatic and riparian associated biological communities.

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Day Generators
6/10/2019 midnight - 9am 0
6/10/2019 9am - 8pm 2 or more
6/10/2019 8pm - midnight 0

BSMH proposes the following schedule for the Cheoah River high flow releases in 2019

Please note that 2019 Flow Releases, are following the Year 5 Schedule located here: Approval of Individual 401 Water Quality Certification with Additional Conditions.

February 23, 24 (Saturday, Sunday)
March 23, 24, 25 (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)
April 6, 7 (Saturday, Sunday)
April 13, 14 (Saturday, Sunday)
April 27, 28 (Saturday, Sunday)
May 11, 12 (Saturday, Sunday)
May 18, 19 (Saturday, Sunday)
May 25, 26 (Saturday, Sunday)
June 22, 23 (Saturday, Sunday)
November 9 (Saturday)

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