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The Chilhowee facility is located in Blount and Monroe Counties, Tennessee, on the Little Tennessee River. Construction on the Chilhowee facility began in 1955; operation commenced in 1957. The Chilhowee facility consists of a dam and integral powerhouse. Chilhowee Dam impounds Chilhowee Reservoir.

Chilhowee, like Cheoah and Calderwood, is operated in a run-of-river mode, following the daily cycle, peaking operations of the Tennessee Valley Authority's (TVA) Fontana Dam located upstream.

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Elevation and Flow Data
Lake Elevation (ft) 871.25
Discharge into Cheoah River (cfs) N/A
Discharge into Little Tennessee River (CFS) 0
Feet Below Full Pool -2.75
As of April 19, 2019 at 4:20:04 AM
Day Generators
4/19/2019 midnight - 6am 0
4/19/2019 6am - 11pm 2 or more
4/19/2019 11pm - midnight 0