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Smoky Mountain

Environmental Stewardship

A Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) was developed in cooperation with an Advisory Committee, whose members included representatives of local, state and federal governments, shoreline residents, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, the Friends of Lake Santeetlah, Cross Creek Property Owners Association, The Nature Conservancy of Tennessee, American Rivers, the Sierra Club, and Tennessee Clean Water Network and individual property owners.

The stated goals of the plan are to:

  • Balance the protection of the important environmental, cultural, recreational, and aesthetic resources unique to Brookfield Smoky Mountain Hydroelectric with the provision of recreation opportunities.
  • Establish a process for reviewing and approving shoreline development uses and activities that encourage stewardship of environmental, cultural, recreational, and aesthetic resources by avoiding, offsetting, or mitigating impacts to the resources.

Generally, the management priorities at Brookfield Smoky Mountain Hydropower reservoirs are to protect aquatic and near-shore terrestrial habitats for rare, threatened, and endangered species; provide adequate public access and recreational facilities at the project reservoirs; and protect historic and cultural resources.

Because the main stem reservoirs are undeveloped and surrounded largely by federally-owned and managed lands and therefore, provide a unique semi-primitive to primitive recreational experience, an additional management priority for the main stem reservoirs is to protect the shorelines in a natural and undeveloped state. Protecting the remaining undeveloped shorelines at Santeetlah Reservoir is also a management priority. For maps providing different classifications of Santeetlah Reservoir’s Shoreline, reference the links below.

Procedures have been established for permitting private recreation (individual or shared) and multi-use recreation (public, commercial, or private group) facilities within the FERC-licensed project boundary or on Brookfield Smoky Mountain Hydropower-owned lands. Procedures also have been established for approving subdivision access and industrial uses and facilities. These permitting procedures, combined with the classification of the shoreline, are the means by which all decisions on shoreline development for private recreation and multi-use facilities and other non-project uses of and activities on project lands will be made.

By order dated March 31, 2006, FERC SMP Approval, the FERC approved the SMP with minor modifications.

In accordance with the FERC order dated March 31, an addendum was distributed in June 2006, SMP Addendum, that revised the Shoreline Stewardship Policy, Specifications for Private Recreation Use Facilities, and Subdivision Access Approval, Multi-use Facility Permitting, and Industrial Approval Procedures, which are included in the SMP as appendices. The entire SMP can also be downloaded below.

Please note that we are in the process of updating all documents to reflect the change of ownership from Alcoa Power Generating Inc. (APGI) to Brookfield Smoky Mountain Hrydropower. Some documents may still contain references to Tapoco or APGI.

Shoreline Management Plan (without figures)
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Pier Application
Excavation Application
Shoreline Stabilization Application