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Lake Aldred

Please be advised that high-water conditions have washed away normal warning devices (buoys) at Safe Harbor & Holtwood Dam. 

Once conditions return to normal and it is safe to do so, the warning devices will be re-installed. 

Please use additional caution when on the river. Pay attention to your surroundings and respect all signage. 

Also, due to these conditions, the flashboards at Holtwood Dam were washed away. As a result, please expect low water levels until replacement work can take place.

Comments Day Date Time Elevation
Estimated Levels of Lake Aldred at Holtwood Dam
Thursday "August 16, 2018" 12:00 noon 172.8
5 pm 172.6
12:00 midnight 172.4
Friday "August 17, 2018" 8 am 172.1
12:00 noon 171.9
5 pm 171.7
12:00 midnight 171.4
Saturday "August 18, 2018" 8 am 170.7
12:00 noon 170.4
5 pm 170.0
12:00 midnight 169.3
Sunday "August 19, 2018" 8 am 168.6
Spill at Holtwood Dam starts at 169.75'
'Estimates are made assuming normal load conditions and no subsequent changes in river flow.
supplied by: Safe Harbor Water Power Corp
1 Powerhouse Rd.
"Conestoga, Pa. 17516"
Call the Lower Susquehanna River Hotline at 1-800-692-6328