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Following completion of construction of the Kokish River Hydroelectric Project, the Kokish Main road has been re-opened for public use. The Kokish Main road is an active forestry road and users are reminded to use caution when using industrial roads.

Designated Paddling Days
Four designated paddling days are provided on the Kokish River each summer starting Victoria Day weekend and running through the following four weekends. On those days, the river will run at natural flows between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Once designated, a paddling day may not be cancelled. After the fifth available weekend or the fourth designated date, additional dates may not be reserved.

Designation of Paddling Days
To request a designated paddling day, a recreational user must contact the Paddler Reservation Line before 4 p.m. on the Friday preceding an available paddling day.

To request a designated paddling day, call 250-928-3192.

Available paddling days for 2018:

May 19 - Booked May 20 - Booked
May 26
May 27
June 2 June 3
June 9  June 10
June 16                              June 17

Note: The natural level of the Kokish River can change rapidly with changes in temperature and precipitation. Exercise caution in and near the water and always wear your life jacket.

Paddler Check-in
For safety reasons, paddlers must check-in by 10 am on a designated paddling day. A telephone with a direct line labelled “Paddlers” is provided at the powerhouse gate. The powerhouse is located near the Kokish River Bridge.

Estimated Total River Flow
Due to plan operations, the flow downstream of the intake could be less than estimated. 

Estimated Total River Flow