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The Kokish River contains valuable fish resources and a variety of fish species requiring a high level of protection. The partners’ shared values of environmental respect and preservation meant that many steps were taken to protect and enhance the fish habitat and fishery resources in the watershed.

Kokish is home to: Coho, Chinook, Chum, Pink, and Sockeye Salmon, as well as Cutthroat, Steelhead and Rainbow Trout. The facility includes a fish ladder to facilitate migration and minimize the environmental impact, and a Coanda screen intake with a two millimeter gap to prevent fish from entering the intake box. Additionally, fish screens were installed at the tailrace of the powerhouse to prevent fish from entering this area.

In 2015, Kokish received a Sustainable Electricity Social Responsibility Award from the Canadian Electricity Association. The annual awards honor companies that demonstrate a notable commitment to sustainable development. We received the award jointly with the ‘Namgis First Nations to celebrate our unique partnership and its positive impact on the community.