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Hawks Nest

The Hawks Nest Project is located on the New River, approximately 1.6 miles upstream from the point where the Gauley River joins the New River to form the Kanawha River and 0.6 miles downstream from the point where Mill Creek flows into the New River. The dam is located approximately 2 miles from the Town of Ansted in Fayette County, West Virginia. 

The Hawks Nest Project is composed of a 243-acre impoundment, a concrete-gravity dam and spillway; a gated intake; water conveyance structures, including an approximately 3-mile-longn underground tunnel that conveys water from the reservoir to a penstock system at the powerhouse, a surge basin and surge tank, manifold, and five penstocks; a 5.5-mile-long bypass reach; a powerhouse that contains four turbine-generator units with an authorized installed capacity of 102 MW; two approximately 5.5-mile-long, 69-kV transmission lines; a tailrace channel; and appurtenances.

Glen Ferris

The Glen Ferris Project is located on the Kanawha River, just downstream of the confluence of the New and Gauley rivers. The dam is located opposite of the Town of Glen Ferris, West Virginia. 

Glen Ferris consists of a low concrete dam; a 397-acre impoundment; two powerhouses located at the west end of the dam with a total authorized installed capacity of 6.16 MW; and appurtenant structures and facilities. 


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