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ILP Process and Schedule

The Hawks Nest and Glen Ferris Projects are currently licensed by the FERC under the authority granted to the FERC by Congress in the Federal Power Act to license and oversee the operation of non-federal hydroelectric projects. The current operating license for the Project was issued on December 11, 1987 and expires on December 31, 2017. In accordance with applicable regulations, 18 C.F.R. § 16.9(b), Hawks Nest Hydro must file its application with the FERC for a new license no later than December 31, 2015. In support of preparing a license application for a new license, Hawks Nest Hydro has elected to use the FERC’s Integrated Licensing Process (ILP).

The Hawks Nest and Glen Ferris developments are currently licensed as a single Project. At this time, Hawks Nest Hydro intends to apply for separate licenses for each development. Because of the proximity of the developments to each other and the expected overlap in resources to be evaluated during the relicensing, and in the interest of efficiency of document preparation and overall relicensing activities, Hawks Nest Hydro prepared a single Pre-Application Document (PAD) that covers both developments and intends to combine the two developments into single study plans and reports, where appropriate. All aspects of the ILP will be handled concurrently through the duration of the pre-filing consultation phase.

The anticipated schedule for major ILP activities for the Hawks Nest and Glen Ferris relicensings is shown in the table below, which has been adapted from FERC’s Scoping Document 1 and revised based on the actual dates of the study plan determination and subsequent study reports and comment periods.

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