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Project Description

About the West Canada Creek Project

The West Canada Creek Project (FERC No. 2701) is located in central New York in Oneida and Herkimer counties. The project includes both the Prospect and Trenton Falls Developments

The Prospect Development located at river-mile 33 is comprised of:

(1) a 306-foot-long and 52-foot-high concrete overflow dam with earthfill dikes at both ends with a spillway crest elevation at 1,146.5 U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), and surmounted by three 15-foot by 27-foot Taintor gates and seven 27-foot wide bays of stoplogs;

(2) a reservoir with a surface area of 176 acres and a storage capacity of 3,250 acre-feet at 1,161.5 normal pool elevation USGS;

(3) a canal, approximately 4,500-feet long, extending from the south dike to a concrete intake structure;

(4) a 13.5-foot diameter steel penstock, 430-feet long, extending from the intake to the powerhouse;

(5) a reinforced-concrete powerhouse containing a single generating unit; and

(6) 6.9 kilovolts (kV) generator leads, 15 kV breaker, 6.6/46 kV transformer, a 46-kV switch connecting to the National Grid interconnection point within the substation

The Trenton Falls Development located at river-mile 31 is comprised of:

(1) a 288-foot-long and 60-foot-high concrete and masonry dam having an overflow section with a crest at USGS elevation 1,017.9 approximately 100-feet-long surmounted by 6-foot-hinged flashboards and a 10-foot by 15-foot sluice gate;

(2) a concrete spillway approximately 160-feet-long with a crest elevation at 1,016.2 USGS surmounted by 8-foot-hinged flashboards discharging into a spillway channel excavated into rock around the east abutment of the dam;

(3) a reservoir having a surface area of 9 acres and a gross storage capacity of 264-acre-feet at normal pool elevation 1,023.9 USGS;

(4) six 5-foot diameter sluice pipes through the dam and two concrete-sealed 5-foot diameter pipes:

(5) a reinforced concrete intake structure having a lift gate and trashracks along the west bank of the reservoir;

(6) a 14-foot diameter conduit comprised of:

  1. a 1,275-foot-long concrete-lined tunnel section;
  2. a 40-foot-long steel-lined tunnel section; and
  3. a 2,075-foot-long steel pipe section;

(7) a bifurcation;

(8) a steel penstock comprised of:

  1. a short 12-foot-diameter section connecting to a surge tank and leading to a 125-foot-long, 12-foot-diameter section connecting to a manifold; and
  2. three 138-foot-long, 7-foot-diameter sections serving as generating units 5, 6, and 7;

a 263-foot-long, 7-foot-diameter steel penstock to units 1 through 4;

(10) units 1 through 4 in powerhouse No. 1 are retired in-place and the powerhouse (No. 2) contains three generating units; and

13.2 kV generator leads, three 15 kV breakers, two 13.2/46 kV transformers, two 46-kV switches connecting to the National Grid interconnection point within the substation