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About the Bear Swamp Project

The Bear Swamp Project (FERC No. 2669) is located along the Deerfield River in Berkshire and Franklin counties, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The 
project was commissioned and placed into service in 1974, and includes both the Bear Swamp Pumped Storage Development and the Fife Brook Development.

Bear Swamp Pumped Storage Development

The Bear Swamp Pumped Storage Development generally consists of:
  • An upper reservoir retained by four dikes and an emergency spillway;
  • A submerged inlet/outlet structure and associated tunnel which bifurcates into two penstocks;
  • An underground powerhouse containing two reversible Francis-type pump-turbine units and motor-generator units with a combined capacity of 600 megawatts;
  • Two tailrace tunnels leading to an inlet/outlet structure in the lower reservoir; and 
  • A lower reservoir (Fife Brook impoundment) formed by the Fife Brook Dam on the Deerfield River. 

Fife Brook Development

The Fife Brook Development generally consists of:
  • The Fife Brook Dam and impoundment, which is common to both the Bear Swamp Pumped Storage and Fife Brook developments;
  • A tainter gate spillway structure;
  • A concrete intake structure; and 
  • A single penstock leading to a concrete powerhouse containing one conventional Francis turbine-generator unit with a capacity of 10 megawatts. 


For any questions about the Bear Swamp Project or the FERC relicensing process, please contact Steve Murphy, Brookfield Renewable’s Licensing Manager, at