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North America

Our hydro and wind portfolio provides nearly 8,300 MW of clean and renewable energy in 29 states and three provinces across North America. We are committed to the safety of everyone around our assets and our partnership and commitment to our various stakeholders comes through open dialogue with a long-term and sustainable vision.

Hydroelectric Facilities
installed capacity
8,300 MW
3 million

Recreation and Safety

Social Responsability

Social Responsibility

Case Studies

Kokish Hydroelectric Facility

Commissioned in 2014, this 45 megawatt run-of-river facility can generate enough clean, renewable energy to power 13,000 homes annually. The successful Kokish partnership is an example of how First Nations and the private sector can collaborate on innovative projects that improve Canadian energy infrastructure.

A key feature of the Kokish project is the cooperative equity partnership that was created between the ‘Namgis First Nation and Brookfield Renewable to develop, build and operate the facility. The project embodies the core values of both parties: sustainable development and utmost respect for the environment, aquatic resources and land conservation.

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Safe Harbor Hydroelectric Facility
Acquired in 2014, the 417 megawatt Safe Harbor hydroelectric generating facility is situated on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania and generates an average of 1.1 million megawatt-hours annually. One of the largest conventional hydroelectric facilities in the PJM electricity market, it possesses storage capabilities supporting daily peaking and benefits from multiple revenue streams including energy, capacity, ancillaries and renewable energy credits.
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Prince Wind Farm
Prince Wind Farm

The Prince Wind Farm was Brookfield Renewable’s first wind development, as well as the first commercial wind farm in Northern Ontario. It began operations in 2006, with 126 wind turbine generators and a combined installed capacity of 189 megawatts (MW). Currently, Prince Wind Farm is one of Canada’s largest wind farms.

During the planning and development stages, Brookfield Renewable consulted with the local community and other stakeholders. Before construction began, extensive data was gathered through field surveys and environmental assessments to provide for the protection, conservation, and wise management of the natural, socio-economic and physical resources.