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Please note that the elevation of the lake and generation schedules are subject to change without prior notice due to changing weather conditions.

Present Operation 02/27/2017 19:48
Lake Elevation 1181.8
Generators status ON
Estimated Real-Time Discharge to Lackawaxen River (Cubic Feet Per Sec) 1002
Yesterday's Operation
Discharge to Lackawaxen River - 24hr. avg. 1614
Expected Generation Schedule
Date Time (Start/Stop) Estimated Water Discharge (24-Hour Average Cubic ft Second)
Thursday 02-23-2017 12am-12am 1113
Friday 02-24-2017 12am-12am 1113
Saturday 02-25-2017 12am-12am 1113
Sunday 02-26-2017 12am-12am 1113
Monday 02-27-2017 12am-12am 1113

Wallenpaupack Water Elevation Chart