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Bear Swamp Project Notice of Intent
Pre-Application Document
Scoping Document 1
Scoping Meeting Presentation
Site Visit Presentation
Response to FERC Additional Information Request
Proposed Study Plan
Scoping Document 2
Proposed Study Plan Meeting Presentation
Follow-up to Proposed Study Plan Meeting
Revised Study Plan
Response to Comments on the Revised Study Plan
Study Plan Determination
Agendas for the Study Consultation and Flow Regime Working Group Meetings; Notice of Availability of Study Consultation Meeting Information Package
Study Information Package
Study Information Package (Reduced File Size)
Large Format Map (Sheet 1)
Large Format Map (Sheet 2)
February 23, 2016 Study Consultation Meeting Presentation
February 24, 2016 Flow Regime Working Group Meeting Presentation
Aquatic Mesohabitat Supplemental Data
Aquatic Mesohabitat Attribute Workbook
Large Format Map Sheet 1 (Numbered Polygons)
Large Format Map Sheet 2 (Numbered Polygons)
First ILP Quarterly Study Progress Report (March 31, 2016)
Draft Angler Wading Study Survey Form
Draft Whitewater Boating Flow Study Survey Forms
Summary of Consultation Pursuant to the FERC Study Plan Determination